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    After much awaited anticipation in the agrochemical industry, we have established a company that will proudly partner you to serve Africa and beyond. NULANDIS ®  is born out of the merger between Plaaskem, UAP and Qwemico, for years the leaders in innovative product development and crop protection. By uniting our strengths we have been able to break new ground. Now with almost 100 years of collective experience, NULANDIS ® is the biggest agrochemical solution provider in the country. NULANDIS ® will continue to meet the everchanging needs of farmers through development, manufacturing, formulation and distribution of specialised agricultural chemical products. We deliver products door to door, through our national agricultural distribution network. In addition, we carry out the extensive research and development backed by technical know-how to deliver the finest quality products available. This in turn gives our new brand the distinct advantage of having access to the right information from factory to farm. And this is where our new 'brand' story begins. Therefore, to officially 'cut the ribbon' on our new brand identity, it gives us great pleasure to present to you the new face of NULANDIS ® . Inspired by the fact that our people and partners are the very reason for our existence, the new logo is a metaphor for our people, not only distributing agrochemical products but also information. At NULANDIS ® our core positioning is simple - "Empowering our agents and farmers with the right information, at the right time."  

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